Popular Paleo Diet Blogger, Jeff Nimoy, praises Field Produce Marketing Ltd. Dates: "These dates might be the most delicious things sent me to me so far!"


Emmy Award winner, Jeff Nimoy, is a man of many talents. The L.A based writer, director, producer, and a popular Paleo Diet Blogger.

Recently, we sent Jeff a package of our Organic Medjool Dates, for his review, and in order to serve as an ingredient of his a Paleo Diet  recipe. The following is his review, Published on July 10, 2015:


"I’ve been blessed to have a popular paleo blog. People and companies send me all kinds of delicious things to try, and even though I can never promise them my review will be good, they ask me to review their food anyway. Well, these dates might be the most delicious things sent me to me so far!"


Jeff continues: I know I always say eat local, but dates come from this part of the world, and they’re better than any local California date I’ve ever had, that’s for sure. They are addictive. I almost ate the whole package before making a single recipe! And of course, being me, they’re 100% organic! ".


 Jeff decided to 'remake'  the success of his frozen Banana/Dried fruit Ice Cream with Field Produce Markweting Ltd. dates, as said in his own words: " ... So I made it again last night, only with roasted almonds instead, and these incredible dates from Israel, and it’s un-ugga-bugga-believable! Really amazing stuff. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but I could eat a gallon of this stuff in one sitting."


Originally published: July 10, 2015, on Cooking caveman's Blog: http://cookingcaveman.tumblr.com/