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About Us
Field Produce Marketing LTD exports a vast variety of produce grown in Israel, yet trades also in produce from around the world. Field Produce Marketing LTD is a leading supplier of dates, and our expertise is the varieties grown in Israel which enables us to offer a wide and premium product range, along with a year-round availability of this world-known fruit. 

The company's brands:
Packing House
  • New and most advanced of its kind
  • Top technology with state-of-the-art machinery
  • Various packing solutions - traditional alongside modern
  • Skillful, diligent, experienced, and most reliable staff
  • Attentive supplier of solutions - domestic and world-wide

Quality Assurance
Our company's quality assurance system is among the strictest in the world, and covers all stages from planting and growing, through sorting, to packing and delivering. This ensures that our products meet the highest health, safety, quality, and environmental standards in the industry.
Our products meet the standards required: 
  • EUREP GAP - European model of quality assurance and produce safety.
  • B.R.C - Risk prevention during produce handling.
  • ISO 9002 - Production quality assurance
  • FDA - U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
  • Agrior - Supervision and accreditation of organic produce
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